Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House Review

Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House ReviewSomething which could be really useful especially when you love gardening or enjoying the nature is a Screen House. Now of course, most of the people use it for gardening purpose so that the sun shine may entertain their plants well and help them grow. Some people use it for themselves to have some rest out there and it could also be used at picnic spots. With all these uses of gardening and your other personal use, you deserve a screen house which should be up to the standards of money you are paying. In this case, it is got to be Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House.

What we want to bring are these unbiased reviews on our website so that you can get the best of products while knowing both the black and white side of them. In this Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House Review, we will be doing kind of same job.

For its long range of features, we have chosen to introduce some of them including two invested T doors, its large floor area of 140 ft. a weight of 40 pounds which makes it easier to be carried around and complete protection from insects and other harmful stuff.



The features of this screen house product are needed to be reviewed in detail for you so let’s begin.

Massive Protection for Plants.

So most of the people buying these screen houses keep the safety of their plants in mind as their first priority and that is why the product delivered to them should be up to the standards. Now gardening could be a risky business if there are tons of insects invading and there is no proper shelter for the plants.

Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House solve all kinds of problems like these and it brings your plants the protection they really needed. Also, with the good quality sun screen, it is impossible for bad wind and air to ruin what you have sown.

Two Invested T Doors.

Entering or leaving this Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House is quite easy with two invested T doors which are designed beautifully in the product. They would close and hold together against different conditions and this is exactly what you need from your screen house to give you.

Dimensions and Weight.

What is even better are the dimensions which provide a large area to keep lots of flower pots. It has a floor area of 140 feet and other dimensions are 27.5 x 8.75 x 8.75. It weighs only 20 pounds which is not very heavy and can be carried around at the places of importance.

User Reviews.

The reviews which this product got from the users who bought the product are mixed and overall satisfactory with a nice average rating of 3.8 out of 5.

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  • Surface area is large enough.
  • Good weight.
  • Good quality screen to protect from heat and insects.


  • Should be bought with discount otherwise, could be a little expensive.
  • Height not enough for bigger plants.

Final Verdict of Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House Review

While making some adjustments with budget, getting this would be a wiser choice because here, you are relying on quality rather than saving your money on cheap products.